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“ We are the only College Board approved online course for AP* Studio Art.

Your school can offer the best AP studio art course online for your student’s future.”


Dear Educators

We proudly announce that our Online AP Studio Art Program is available for all high school students. If your school does not have an AP Studio Art program we can help you to launch this wonderful program for your school. We also provide a FREE College Consultation if your student wishes to go to an art college in the United States.

The benefit from our program is that it has been developed by AP Raters (the teachers who actually score AP Art portfolios each year for College Board) and our faculty members are graduates from prestigious art schools. Consequently, our students can produce quality artworks for an AP Studio Art portfolio in a relatively short amount of time, despite the programs intensity. Once they have completed the program, students will be provided grades for their courses and letters of recommendation if he or she completes the program successfully.

Lastly, iArt Institute is the only institute approved by College Board to teach AP* Studio Art online to students, which gives them access to submit a college level art portfolio directly to College Board for a score. Whether your school offers art classes or not, with our curriculum our instructors can teach our virtual online courses to any student who is interested in art.

iArt Institute is a select group of college professors, College Board AP® Score Raters, and well-established artists.

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