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The Benefits of AP* Studio Art

Whether or not your school offers AP* Art courses, our online curriculum can teach a variety of AP* Art courses to any student. We help our students apply their knowledge to take the College Board AP* Studio Art exam in May in order to earn college credit. To find out which colleges accept AP* credit Click Here.


Get AP* college credit outside of school and make your college application stand out from the rest

 Our students are personally guided by AP* Studio Art Score Raters for the best possible results

Our highly qualified teachers have flexible hours and can meet with students online, despite distance and time differences

Projects are customized for each student’s abilities and interests

 We provide access to advance technology where student’s can learn new skills and improve their creativity


What are “Teacher Guided” Courses

These are synchronous online classes that require students and instructors to be online. In addition, instruction, critiquing, and extra presentations occur at a specific class time. All students must be online at a specific hour in order to participate. Teacher-guided online meetings are held a minimum once a week. Teacher-guided courses have customized instruction for each student. Students get unlimited communication with a teacher with all communication methods including text, web conferencing, social media and phone calls. The teacher is involved in completion dates of all projects on time. The Score is guaranteed 3 and up. Teacher-Guided is effective because students need to feel involved in real-time with the class experience. It’s rewarding to ask a question or offer a comment, and to receive instant feedback.

Teacher Guided Courses

 What are “Self-Paced” Courses

iArt’s Learning Management System provides written instruction, video tutorials, helpful website links, and assignments that can be accessed at any time. Students may be given a timeframe during which they need to connect at least once or twice to complete their projects via email. But overall, students are free to contribute whenever they choose. Unlike Teacher-Guided courses, the teacher is not involved in the completion dates of projects on time. Self-Paced courses have limited communication via email with a teacher. This course is beneficial for students who need more time to form their thoughts or consider all the sides of an issue before offering an opinion. In a Teacher-Guided class, these students might get overshadowed by faster typists and spontaneous thinkers. Also, it may be beneficial for students who do not have to rush to complete AP* Courses in a certain period of time. No Score is Guaranteed unlike Teacher-Guided courses.

Self-Paced Courses

iArt Institute is a select group of college professors, College Board AP® Score Raters, and well-established artists.

AP College Board Approved Courses

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