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Self-Paced – AP* Studio Art 2D Design / Breadth

AP* Studio Art is a college-level art program backed by The College Board* that prepares students who want to submit a high-quality portfolio to art colleges or regular colleges. Here students will learn 2D design and create many works of art that can be used for their portfolio.


AP* Studio Art 2D Design Breadth Course Description:

Being able to create 2D design is an essential talent every artist learns. 2D Design is one of the essential courses the make up the AP Studio Art Program. In this course students will learn how to effectively create 2D designs at a college level. It prepares students for college level course, helps to refine their skills, and provide a strong foundation for creating 2D designs.

The course begins with learning the elements of design. Students learn how to apply the elements of design to their own work through various mediums and styles of art. Learning how to apply a developed concept will further enhance their work. Towards the end of the course, students must apply their own concepts and explore their own topics when preparing for a concentration of works. Overall, students will produce 12 pieces of various mediums and styles.

Our experienced instructors provide excellent guidance and critique with each student individually. Every student receives their own projects, exercises, and has essential resources and supplies available to them.

In this course, students will learn:

  • Elements of Design
  • How to Create Effective Compositions
  • How to utilize different Mediums
  • Create Art of Various Styles
  • How to Prepare a Concentration


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  • 180 Days

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